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ACJ Series Bottom Magnetic mixer
ACJ Series Bottom Magnetic mixer Operating Principle Technical Parameter Installing Dimension Documents Downloads
Technical Parameter:
Design and features
High blending capacity with low shear.
Magnetic coupling. No risk of leakage.
CIP/SIP design.
Bayonet coupling for easy assembly/disassembly of the drive unit.
Low power consumption.
Effective blending even of small volumes.
Very low particle generation.
Bottom mounted. Excellent for suspensions.
Practical when there is no much space at the top of the tank.
Frequency converter recommended.
Autoclavable agitating element (with previous disassembly of the drive unit).

Rotor                        AISI 316L or 304
Welding plate           AISI 316L
Bearing                     SIC
Surface finish           Ra< 0.5
Bearing: SiC.
Parts in contact with the media:
special materials
Speed sensor.
Control panel.
With warm speed reducer: Fixed speed range from 50-186rpm (according to different process)
Wish gear speed reducer: Fixed speed range from 150-600rpm (according to different process)
With 6-pole motor: Fixed speed at 960 rpm , which can be equipped with frequency converter, to control the speed.

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