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 self-priming Submersible aerators
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Operating Principle:


The self-priming Submersible aerators can be used for oxygenating and mixing in sewage water treatment. It integrates the pump, Air-blower, Gas-liquid mixers as one. It can be operated under the water, which can be placed in the bottom of the sewage aeration pool, or be fixed on the floating body. The aerator is composed of Star- type impeller and Stator and air pipe. The rotation of impeller makes the stator vacuum, and suck the air through the pipe, the water and the air enter into the impeller through the Entry between the rotor and stator, they are fully mixed in the impeller, the gas is dispersed into a small bubble of about 100 microns in diameter, that forms a huge area of the gas-liquid .It achieves the highly effective of transporting and mixing oxygen.

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