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Model BOCLP hygienic magnetic pump
Model BOCLP hygienic magnetic pump Operating Principle Technical Parameter Installing Dimension Documents Downloads
Operating Principle:





BOCLP health-magnetic centrifugal pump is mainly to the pharmaceutical, biological engineering and food industries for GMP modification design. The pump is excellent, rational structure, small size, reliable. Apply to the non-delivery of the solid particles and water cleansing liquid materials such as medical products and beverages, alcoholic. Health BOCLP type of centrifugal pump contact magnetic materials used in all parts 316L\304 materials. Coupling permanent magnet motor to drive the impeller principle to operate and work. Welding isolation sets static dynamic mechanical seal to replace dead seal, a mechanical seal can not be avoided completely solve the run, run. drop V ills. Seal of silicone rubber, fluorine rubber impeller into semi-open, closed, no corners easily washed. with the "pharmaceutical quality control," the GMP requirements. Widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as food oil transportation plating acid, alkali, oil, rare and precious liquid venom. Volatile liquids; particularly flammable, explosive, easy transportation of liquid leakage. Another is environmental protection, wide application of water treatment and other industries.

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