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One kind of Anti-high -vacuum rotor pump rotary pump

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Introduction of Anti-vacuum rotor pump ::Rotor pump is usually used in high-accuracy liquid transportation, such as K.P.R of Germany , Rotary piston (Rotary-wing) pump of America Waukeshachetty-burret , but none of them can anti-vacuum operate , they come to failure of dynamic-sealed under the vacuum.

The defect limit the application of the rotor pump and Rotary piston  pump. Decompression concentration is the common condition in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry,

The smaller of the absolute pressure of decompression concentration , the faster of evaporation .So the decompression concentration is general limited by the technical level of vacuum .vacuum of the decompression concentration system is not only depend on the performance of he vacuum pump, but also limited by the related equipment , such as the anti-vacuum (Vacuum resistance )  level of the liquid transportation .So improve the technical level of anti-vacuum is the key point.

The existing decompression concentration system matched with high viscosity liquid transport pump has the problem of low level of anti-vacuum. Leakage rates increases obviously when absolute pressure below 330mbar ,the smaller of the pressure ,the  bigger of leakage rate., the bigger pressure of distillation concentration system is ,the faster of evaporation. The temperature is  72~176 when pressure is 330mbar, 46~176 with 100mbar

46~176℃ ensure  Lots of Natural Products of heating stably .Another feature of the  decompression concentration is  evaporating faster with lower pressure .So how to improve the vacuum of the system is the key technical of decompression concentration ,that’s also a common defect of the rotor pump, and also the  Centrifugal pump  ,Shielding pump, Magnetic Pump. The invention of our company provides technical of  Anti-high vacuum (designed for Rotary piston (Rotary-wing) pump ) ,the technical can be applicated into existing Rotary piston (Rotary-wing) pump . Rotary piston (Rotary-wing) pump and rotor pump can normally operate under the 100 pa(even lower) with  technical of Anti-high vacuum dynamic-sealed . After the putting Anti-vacuum rotor pump on the market ,it upgrades the decompression concentration by times , push the fresh juice, natural medicine, Chinese medicine, milk, biopharmaceuticals equipment to a new level .

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