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One kind of hygienic single stage high-lift centrifugal pump

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Model BOGP centrifugal pump is a single centrigugal pump with low flow and high lift, which is specially designed by Bobo company in view of the defect that ordinary single centrifugal pump has low flow and low lift. Its special vane structure makes it reach high-lift when low flow .It has the features as high efficiency ,hygienic ,no dead space, easy to clean .Its pump shell., cover and vane are made of high-grade stainless steel 304 or 316 L; the motor is equipped with stainless steel shield ,inner surface adopts mirror polishing, coarseness Ra0.28um,:; outer casing adopts wiredrawing treatment ,completely ,beverages etc.

Application : Mainly used for the liquid delivery that need low flow high Cpressure delivery or high-pressure filter in the fields such as pharmaceutical ,food, chemical ,beverages etc.

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